Never a blue sky always a blues guy (about 2010)

01 Sitting on top of the world.mp3

02 It hurts me too.mp3

03 Reggae in 5 fourth.mp3 (Oscar Schulze drumloop)

04 All along the watchtower #1.mp3

05 Take a little swing with me.mp3

06 Stinks like FZ.mp3

07 I ain't superstitious.mp3

08 Good morning little schoolgirl.mp3

09 All along the watchtower #2.mp3

10 Killing floor.mp3

11 Good morning little schoolgirl (punk version).mp3

12 Instrumental sketch #1.mp3

13 Instrumental sketch #2.mp3

14 Crossroads.mp3

15 It hurts me too #2

16 All along the watchtower #3.mp3